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Message 1

Dear Rosemarie,
Thank you for your mail. Actually the funds we would want you to manage for
us is an over-invoiced contract funds that was executed by a German company
to my ministry and right now this funds is floating in an account with the
Barclays Bank Plc London,Uk
The actual contract value of the project was $20.8Million, but my colleagues
and I deliberately increased the contract sum to our own benefits to the
tune of $28.3Million, of which the over-estimated value of $8.5Million
belongs to us and this amount is what we want to secretly transfer into you
personal or company account for safe keeping, sharing and for investment in
a low risk business in your country. Our Federal Government and the Federal
Ministry of Aviation have approved the total sum of $28.3Million. The
contract has been completed and commissioned by the federal government and
the original contractors have been paid their contractual sum and what is
left now is the $8.5Million. Under this circumstance and upon your
acceptance we will register You/your Company as a sub-contractor to the
original contractors with my corporation, so that funds can be transferred
into your account without hitch whatsoever. After several deliberations i
decided to give you 27% as your entitlement for your assistance ,while 68%
will be for me and the remaining 5% would be used to offset all local
/foreign expenses that might be incurred in this transaction.
However this is based on the ground that you would assure me of the
That after the successful transfer of the funds into your account, you will
give us our own fare share without running away with the money or sitting on
it to our detriment.
That you will treat this business with utmost secrecy, confidentiality,
understanding and sincerity, which this business demands.
You will assist us (by way of advise) to invest our own share in business
venture(s) in your country.Please kindly send to me your full name, your
address/company to me.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Truly,
Dr Michael C. Ibegbulam
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Date: Wed Jul 20 02:23:01 2005
From: Rosemarie Dennison <[email]>
To: <re.[email]>
Subj: Re: **: more details

asalam alaikum,
i would like to know: which data should i send to you? i am in possession of a total of 23,000 danish krone .
in sincerity,
rosemarie dennison
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Message 2

Dear Rosemarie Dennison,

How are you? I hope you are in good health which is the most important aspect of life.I would like you to send your banking informations,which you wish the fund to be transfered into,so that I can use it to work on the vochure to be in your name for the tansfer into your receiving bank account in your country.
I can see that you are in a good position to manage this fund,and also tell me more about yourself,name,marital status,age etc.

I look forward hearing from you today,so that I can proceed on this transcation.
Thanks for your co-operation and God bless you.


Date: Wed Jul 20 13:23:01 2005
From: Rosemarie Dennison <[email]>
To: <re.[email]>
Subj: Re: **: Informations needed immediately

hi there,
it is my hope this transmission will find you and your most esteemed colleagues in fortuitous health.
rosemarie d
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Message 3

Dear rosemarie,

How are you? I hope you are in good health.Actually,I requisted for your full details to enable me proceed on this transaction by tommorrow.

I look forward hearing from you.


Date: Thu Jul 21 04:23:05 2005
From: Rosemarie Dennison <[email]>
To: <re.[email]>
Subj: RE: **: Re: Informations needed
Attachment: female3-0.jpg=Dennison4.jpg

asalam alaikum,

i trust this email reaches you in fortuitous times!!!! at your request, i have attached a image of me after i painted the walls blue. can you believe it? nlue! i do not know what i eas thinking....
thank you...

r dennison
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Message 4

Asalam alaikum rosemarie,

Thank you for your response.Please.I need your contact Address,Telephone/Fax number,age,Passpot photograph,this shall enable me to Update some forms of Documents needed from the transfer of this fund into your Account.

I look forward hearing from you and may Alah continue to bless you.

best regards,


Date: Sat Jul 23 04:23:02 2005
From: Rosemarie Dennison <[email]>
To: <re.[email]>
Subj: Re: **: Asalam alaikum rosemarie

asalam alaikum,
many thanks to receive your recent news.
my telefax number is +1066278286.
thank you......
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Message 5


i have recieved your info.I have to put it together and enter for the registration of a copy in your name,as a subsidiary company to the original company that executed the contract.

As soon as this is completed i shall let you know.Meanwhile you have to send your account details which will be forwarded to the bank where the money is deposited.You know after the registration,the bank will be notofied to release the money to your account.

So send your account details immediately.


Dr Michael.

Date: Sat Jul 23 20:23:01 2005
From: Rosemarie Dennison <[email]>
To: <re.[email]>
Subj: Re: **: send your account details immediately

asalam alaikum,
my home address is 467 2nd drive / reese, id 57408!

rosemarie d.
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Message 6

Dear Rosemarie,

Now we are in the process of the registration,and i must tell you i am having little problem with the corporate affairs regarding the registration your company.Normally the registration is not supposed top exceed US$1200,but they are asking for US$2800 which is more than double the cost,the reason being that you are not present here,and secondly it is a foreign company domicilled in your country.

As it is now the cash i have at hand is not up to this US$2800,so i will like you to assist so that we can conclude on this registration.You know that is the major thing needed and the bank will then release the fund.

I am waiting to hear from you,hoping that you will assist.Let me know immediately how much you can afford and send it immediately through western union ,in the name of my secretary below:

Name: Okezie Augustine

Date: Wed Jul 27 06:23:02 2005
From: Rosemarie Dennison <[email]>
To: <re.[email]>
Subj: Re: **: asalam alaikum(.Let me know immediately how much you can afford)

asalam alaikum,
in the event that you find yourself incapable of contacting my my lawyer, please reach my associate shelly wilcox, fax 226-100-314.

thank you...

rosemarie d
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